Try Your Hand At Farming – The Old Fashioned Way!

July 4, 2016

At Butser Ancient Farm you really do feel like you’ve stepped into a time machine and travelled back thousands of years to discover what it was really like to farm and live like our ancestors. Situated in Chalton, Waterlooville, this is definitely a worthwhile trip for adults and children where you’ll learn plenty of interesting historical facts and be wowed by the open-air museum. The site boasts incredible reconstructions of prehistoric buildings even dating as far back as the Iron Age. This is a place where you can bring the past into the present – there’s so much to do and see, so don’t make it a fleeting visit because it’s a full day out.

While no one can control the unpredictable British weather, if you can, pick a day when it’s going to be dry weather because this is predominantly an outdoor attraction and if it’s rained in the lead up to your visit – pack boots because it can get muddy. There’s plenty of parking at the attraction which is always an added bonus and Butser is situated close to the A3 accessible from the M25, from London it’s approximately an hour and a half, traffic dependent.

Not only is Butser Ancient Farm an attraction for all ages it’s also an experimental archaeological site where there’s been plenty of exciting finds, some of them on display. The actual farm itself is built from plans of an original village and all the buildings are being individually studied by archaeologists to see how they stand up to the weather and other environmental elements. There’s even a Roman house which has bold painted walls and other Roman artefacts to gaze at in awe. Additionally, the staff dress up in the clothing of the different eras which makes it an even more authentic experience to witness – the children absolutely love the thrill of feeling like they’ve stepped back in time (adults too).

When you do visit make sure to check out the farm’s list of special events on their website because there’s something for everyone, including Celtic festivals and interesting workshops including Iron Age cooking, felting and even bush-craft skills! Other activities which might be available when you visit include wattling, chunking and stone carving and children are invited to get stuck in so don’t dress them in good clothes – they will get messy!

The buildings themselves are fabulous reconstructions based on real sites and you’ll see plenty of farm animals roaming the site just how they did all those thousands of years ago. There’s plenty going on even without the workshops so if you can, pack a few deck chairs and sit listening to medieval music and taste the great food demonstrations. For the adults there’s a beer tent (but don’t be tempted to drink too much if you’ve driven). All the staff are more than happy to talk about the different buildings and what they were used for, imparting plenty of historical knowledge. Many of the buildings come from different eras, the Romans, Neolithic and Iron Age in particular plus a magnificent reconstruction of an Anglo Saxon house.

The children will adore the farm animals so make sure you buy some animal feed which is available on site and watch their faces delight especially when the hungry goats, big fluffy sheep and the rather large and humorous looking pigs realise food is on the way! There are activity sheets too for kids to fill in as they visit each building so they pick up interesting historical facts which gives this amazing attraction a further educational element.

You won’t go hungry either because there’s a small café area which sells light snacks, ice cream, tea and soft drinks.

Once you’ve exhausted yourself travelling round the farm why not enjoy a ramble through the woody land close by because there are some truly spectacular walks for all the family to enjoy, just make sure you have comfortable and sturdy shoes to deal with the brambles.

Butser Ancient Farm is open March to September from 10.00am to 5pm and in the winter months to 4pm. A family ticket of 4 people is £20 and a single adult, £8, children 5 to 16 £4. If you’re looking for a discount to this attraction then check out this link where you’ll find a one child goes free voucher.

All in all this has to be one of the best day’s out you can find in Hampshire for the family, educational, exciting and interactive with something for everyone from age 5+.

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