Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Tickets and Prices

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard TicketsPlanning a trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard but unsure where to start? With over 10 attractions to choose from, we look at the best options for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Tickets, whether you want to visit a single attraction or every single one over 12 months. We’ll even show you how to save £5 on ticket prices.

All ticket prices and information are correct as of 6th July 2022. For up-to-date prices visit the official website.

There’s plenty to see and do at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard including The Mary Rose Museum, HMS Victory, HMS Warrior, The National Museum of the Royal Navy, HMS M.33, Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower and The Royal Navy Submarine Museum. It’s no wonder we named it one of the ten best places to visit in Portsmouth.

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Ticket types for Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

Before visiting Portsmouth Historic Dockyard you’ll have to choose which type of ticket you’d like. Whether you want to visit a single attraction or see every single one, there’s a ticket to suit all budgets. For individuals the options are:

One attraction ticket

As you’d expect this ticket allows you entry into the Historic Dockyard site and access to a single attraction. So, you could see the Mary Rose, HMS Victory, or any other attraction. You’ll also get bonus access to the Boathouse 4 and Dockyard apprentice exhibitions.

This is the cheapest option if you’re visiting on your own and are short on time, although you’ll only get a taste of the full experience and tickets are only valid for one day. There are also no discounts for booking these tickets online. Prices are currently:

  • Adult: £24
  • Senior: £23
  • Child: £19

You can purchase one attraction tickets here.

Three attraction ticket

If you have a bit longer or want to make sure you see a good amount of the attractions, then the three attraction ticket is a great choice. As above, you’ll get entry into the Historic Dockyard site and the Boathouse 4 and Dockyard apprentice exhibitions, plus access to any three attractions. You won’t see everything, but you’ll get to see some amazing ships and pieces of naval history no matter what you choose. You can even see their Gosport attractions with this ticket as part of the three attractions you choose.

Best of all, the ticket allows you to visit your chosen three attractions an unlimited number of times in 12 months. So, if you can’t do them all in one day, you can spread them out and save money on buying three individual attraction tickets over that time. Or, you can visit your favourites as many times as you want.

Plus, by booking online you can save up to £5 off the ticket price. Prices are currently:

  • Adult: £34
  • Senior: £33
  • Child: £24

Learn more about three attraction tickets.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard ticketsUltimate Explorer Tickets

The three attraction ticket is fantastic value but for those who want to see absolutely everything the ultimate explorer ticket is the way to go. For around £5 more per person, you get unlimited access to all attractions for 12 months, including those at the Gosport site. And, as with all other tickets, you can view the Boathouse 4 and Dockyard apprentice exhibitions.

If you want to see multiple attractions in one day, spread them out over the year, or see them multiple times, this is by far the most flexible way to do so. As an added bonus you even get access to the Harbour Tour.

By booking online directly you’ll also save £5 off the ticket price. Prices are currently:

  • Adult: £39
  • Senior: £38
  • Child: £29

Visit the official site to purchase Ultimate Explorer Tickets.

Family tickets

Want to get an even better discount on tickets and visiting as a family? Then you can choose from two family ultimate explorer ticket options. Both types of ticket will give you 12 months of unlimited access to all attractions and offer great savings when booked online directly.

  • Family 1 ticket: 1 adult and 3 children: £95
  • Family 2 ticket: 2 adults and up to 3 children: £120

You can purchase family tickets here.

Return Visit tickets

One of the best things about the three attraction, family and ultimate explorer tickets is you can return as often as you like to visit your chosen attractions over 12 months. However, it’s highly recommended you book your return visit online to ensure the attraction is open and that there is enough availability.

This can be done easily via the return visit form on their website.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard Event tickets

From time-to-time special events are held at one of the vessels, such as Night at the Musicals which was held at the HMS Warrior in 2022. You can also run through the dockyard in the Great South Run. For the latest events and ticket information view our Portsmouth Historic Dockyard guide.

Want more information on Portsmouth Historic Dockyard?

Looking for a more detailed guide, or just want to know more about the different attractions before deciding on a ticket? Then view our guide on days out at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to get lots more useful information.

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