Hampshire’s Top Attractions are ready, set, Pokémon GO!

July 20, 2016

If you haven’t heard or seen of the latest reality game called Pokémon GO – where have you been?Pokemon

One again Pokémania is taking the world by storm with the launch of a new, free-to-play mobile game, which uses augmented reality to create a virtual world.

Using GPS and the smartphone’s camera, the game uses geo-tagging to allow you to catch species of Pokémon (there are over 700!).  The game is told what to display and where meaning that the little ‘monsters’ pop up all over the place. They can be in your kitchen, the train station, supermarket, the park, a hotel and even in some of your favourite places to visit.

The game requires you to hunt the cheeky creatures by placing a virtual map over the real world allowing you to travel across worlds to discover and catch new species.  To catch the Pokémon you must throw a Pokéball by aiming at it – but be careful, some are very quick and can bounce!

Since the launch of Pokémon GO, a number of attractions in Hampshire have been identified as being locations to catch the Pokémon.

Here’s a round up of the Hampshire’s Top Attractions where you can play and hunt for Pokémon Go species:

  • Head to Go Ape at Moors Valley where the visitor centre is a Pokémon Gym (identified as colourful towers) where you can battle other trainer’s Pokémon. Also, the gorilla statue… is a Pokémon Statue. There are also reports of all sorts of species hiding in the forest
  • Basing House in Basingstoke has at least three Pokémon to be caught. Start with a visit to Garrison Gate and the Great Barn.
  • Hovertravel at Ryde Terminal is a Pokéstop so you can re-stock your Pokéballs whilst you wait for your crossing to the Isle of Wight.
  • In Southampton’s attractions there are two Pokéstops at SeaCity Museum and one in the garden of Tudor House in the Old Town of Southampton.
  • At Gilbert White’s House you can not only catch a variety of wildlife sightings on your camera, but you can also catch a Pokémon.
  • You will be excited to know The Watercress Line have a number of Poke Stops at each of their four stations and two gyms! Make the most of your day searching for Pokemon and hop on and off their trains as you explore each station!
  • Marwell Zoo is home to some truly amazing animals and is now a hotbed for Pokémon. There are 26 Pokéstops and two Pokémon Gym throughout the zoo. A wild Pigetto has been spotted at Wild Explorer’s and a Spearow on the back lawn.
  • Emirates Spinnaker Tower is also a Pokémon Gym and there are lots of water Pokémon around, including MagiKarp, Psyducks and Poliwags.  If you take a screenshot of a Pokemon caught on the view decks at the tower and share on Twitter or Instagram with #CaughtAtSpinnaker and then show your shared post to our Café staff – you can receive 10% off in the Waterfront Café (offer valid until the 21/7/16) See terms and conditions.
  • At Beaulieu there are at least ten Pokéstops and three Pokémon within the attraction, which includes the National Motor Museum, Palace House and gardens. If you are looking for a Gloom – this is where you will need to head.
  • At Birdworld, there are two training gyms and Pokéstop. Creatures such as Caterpie, Weedles, Pidgeotto, Pidgey, Rattata, Zubat, Goldeen, Staryu have all been reported to be hiding around the park. One of the more popular Pokémon characters Squirtle, has also been found.
  • A number of Pokémon have been seen at Exbury Gardens and Steam Railway including Pidgey, Crabby, Ratta and Jiggery Puffs. There are a number of Pokéstops around the gardens at Exbury Central, Metal Bugs railway, The History Tree, Sundial Garden and Five Arrows Gallery.

If you find a Pokémon at any of the Hampshire’s Top Attractions, be sure to share with us #hantsdaysout16

To remember whilst playing Pokémon Go:

  • Pokémon Go uses a lot of data so be careful of the amount of usage and be sure to check your Internet mobile plan to make sure the Pokémon don’t cost you a fortune!
  • Make sure you are aware of your surroundings when on the hunt for Pokémon. Ensure that you do not trespass or go into areas that the public is not prohibited too or that you are not searching ‘out of opening hours’. Make sure you keep safe at all times and that you are sensible.
  • Whilst the amount of ‘screen time’ may be increased in playing the game; use it to your advantage and get the children out into the sunshine over the summer holidays. In a BBC article about how Pokémon Go took over the web, it was suggested that over 1500 calories would be burned from playing and hunting the Pokémon for 7 days!


Good luck if you’re heading out in search of creatures at attractions and places to visit in Hampshire.


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