Knitted King Alf Project in Winchester!

April 16, 2020

The Winchester based arts and education charity, Play to the Crowd, are looking for knitters, and those who crochet, during this time of social isolation, to help them with their Knitted King Alf project.

The community engagement team of Play to the Crowd, Playmakers, are looking for enthusiasts, and beginners, to knit figures of King Alf – after Alfred the Great, King of Wessex, whose iconic statue stands in the city of Winchester. These knitted figures were originally scheduled to be distributed throughout Winchester city centre at this year’s Outdoor Arts festival Hat Fair, however, the festival has since been cancelled due to the Coronavirus situation. The charity has today confirmed that the Knitted King Alf project will go ahead with the figures being distributed at an event later on this year.

Playmakers would love to receive knitted King Alfs from far and wide, and hear how they have travelled around the world too. Share your knitting journey on social media using the #KnittedAlf.

Playmakers’ Engagement Producer Kat Henderson – who is behind the project – said: ‘Knitting is a great activity to get involved with during this time of social isolation. I want people to get their creative juices flowing as they make their Alf. Projects like this can really help to combat loneliness, boost mental health, confidence; and help people to feel a part of something special. I’m really looking forward to receiving hundreds of knitted King Alfs from people around the UK, if not the world!’

When the figures are distributed throughout the city, the Knitted King Alfs will encourage visitors and residents alike to explore the city to find the knitted Alfs, take photos and share these on social media, with #KnittedAlf. A great adventure to look forward to once the social distancing measures have been lifted.

The King Alf knitting and crochet patterns are available to download from the Playmakers website – Playmakers ask that completed knitted and crocheted King Alfs are sent to: Play to the Crowd, Theatre Royal Winchester, Jewry Street, Winchester, Hampshire SO23 8SB once the theatre re- opens.