Heatwave hacks for staying cool on days out!

July 18, 2022

With a sizzling heatwave upon us, it’s important to make sure you and your family stay cool and safe in the heat so that you can still enjoy your days out. It can be tricky to keep the kids cool in such weather, but we’ve found some great heatwave hacks which are sure to keep them happy! Keep reading to find out how to keep cool on days out.

Keep the Suncream in the Fridge

Place your suncream in the fridge overnight, then in the morning pop it in your bag before you head out, that way it’s nice and cooling when you reapply it to the kids during your day out. It won’t leave them feeling sticky and hot!

Cooling Spray

You can fill any spray bottle with water and even ice to make it extra cold and use it to spritz on their faces and necks throughout the day, this will help cool them down and leave them feeling refreshed, great for staying cool in a heatwave!

Chilled Fruity Water

If your little ones aren’t fussed about drinking water, it’s important to keep them hydrated in the heat. So we have a couple of little tricks which are sure to get them to enjoy it…Throw a lemon or lime wedge into their water bottle to give it a refreshing kick, or freeze their favourite fruits, strawberries, raspberries whatever it may be and place the frozen fruit in their bottle before you head it! Not only is it going to taste better, but it’s also more fun to look at!

Heatwave hacks for staying cool on days out!
Milestones Museum
Head to indoor attractions

In these temperatures, it is sometimes better to stay indoors and avoid direct sunlight. We know the little ones aren’t likely to want to stay at home, but luckily we have a huge variety of indoor attractions which are perfect for these hot days! Check them out here.

Wear socks

You may be inclined to put the kids in sandals or open-toe shoes in the heat but socks actually help absorb sweat keeping the feet cool and clean. Therefore, it may actually help them feel cooler with socks and trainers on for their days out!

Fill up a hot water bottle

This is one of our favourite hacks! Fill up a hot water bottle from the tap and pop it in the freezer for a good few hours before you head out and then you have yourself a multi-purpose ice pack! The kids can take turns to hold it, rest their heads on it or even sit on it!

Plan your days out 

Head out in the morning for a couple of hours or in the evening to enjoy activities and days out so that you avoid the mid-day heat. Whilst we have a lot of dog-friendly activities and attractions, we recommend leaving your dog at home during the heatwave, as they don’t handle the heat as humans do!

What To Wear

It’s important to choose the right outfit for keeping cool in the heat. Wearing natural fibres and pale/light-coloured clothes will help you feel much more comfortable. Avoid putting the kids in any close-fitting dark-coloured clothes. If they’ve got long hair, tie it up!

Heatwave hacks for staying cool on days out!
Marwell Zoo
Take cover

If you are spending any amount of time outdoors, whether it’s for a walk or a picnic always make sure that you set up in the shade and stay out of the sun.

Ways to cool down on the spot

Hold a cold water bottle between the insides of your wrists. There are several major arteries close to your skin here and keeping this spot cool will help keep your overall body temperature down. Splash some water on your head or on the back of your neck to promote the release of body heat. Wetting your head helps to stay cool in summer for the same reasons wearing a hat helps to stay warm in winter!

Did you find these heatwave hacks helpful for staying cool on your days out? We have lots of blogs and itineraries available on our website, that will help you plan the best places to take the kids and how to make the most of your days out! We also have a variety of vouchers available to save on your days out, check them out here.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date!

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