Wind in the Willows

Itchen Valley Country Park

Date: 19th Aug 2022 - 19th Aug 2022
Time: 3.30pm - 5.00pm
Price: Range from £11 - £13

Part of our ‘Live in the Park’ series

Join Mole, Ratty and Badger in a floor stomping, hilarious and bonkers outdoor theatre production of this woodland adventure.

Award-winning theatre company, Calf2Cow, brings you the outdoor theatrical experience of the summer in a retelling of Kenneth Grahame’s classic story: The Wind In The Willows.

We welcome audiences young and old, to join us for laughter, fun, food and drink. Bring your picnic, bring your chairs and prepare for floor stomping music, A PooP-PooP! and slapstick galore as this troupe of clowns reinvent the family classic for today’s audiences.

This adaption of The Wind in The Willows keeps completely true to the text as our four band members, through storytelling, music and multi rolling, bring the book alive. Expect lots of falling over, people cramming into cars that are too small, and of course, water fights by the river.

We are asking all audience members to either bring their own seating or hire a deckchair, simply add these to the basket when booking. Picnic blankets, camping chairs, deckchairs or similar are all welcome but please double check which zone you have booked when bringing them with you. Zones 1 and 2 are suitable for picnic blankets while Zones 3 and 4 are suitable for chairs or deckchair hires.

Suitable for all ages / 3.30pm start for 1.5 hours / Booking required