War of the Worlds - A radio drama

Furzey Gardens

Date: 4th Jul 2024 - 6th Jul 2024
Price: Range from

SUP Theatre Company presents a new adaptation of the classic science fiction story by H G Wells.

It’s the summer of 1969 and in a local radio station a group of eminent studio guests are discussing the current Apollo 11 mission as it takes Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin on an epic journey to land a man on the moon.  But, as the historic events unfold, details of strange lights in the sky above the Surrey Hills begin to come in.  Surely, they have nothing to do with NASA or the lunar landing, do they?  Could they be meteors or solar flares or perhaps something emanating from Mars following unusual volcanic activity on the Red Planet’s surface?  Or are we about to be invaded by little green men? Well, that seems highly unlikely.  But, as more reports pour into the news room, the chilling truth of whether we are alone in the universe is about to become abundantly clear.

This fast paced and enthralling adaptation of this ever popular story by award winning writer, Chris Hawley, will have you on the edge of your seats.  Are these strange lights in the sky a natural phenomenon or something more sinister?  Something that could, perhaps, threaten life as we know it!

“The chances of anything manlike coming from Mars are a million to one.”


Furzey Gardens, School Lane, Minstead SO43 7GL
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