The Antarctic Peninsula: A geo-bio travelogue of Graham Land

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Date: 27th Jan 2022 - 27th Jan 2022
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The Antarctic Peninsula: A geo-bio travelogue of Graham Land

The geology of Graham Land, the northern part of the Antarctic Peninsula, is sparsely mapped mainly due to lack of exposure which only accounts for 3% of the total land area. Based on sites visited on the Peninsula and South Shetland Islands during a voyage January-February 2017 this talk interweaves the geological history, what can be seen today, the wildlife that inhabits these shores and the recent human story. If going to Antarctica is on your bucket list then this presentation will also give you a good overview of the logistics, the daily routine, the sites and the smells that you are likely to experience!

Dr Anthony Fogg is a geoscientist working in the offshore renewables energy sector analysing past landscapes and the evolution of sediments influenced by glaciations. Fascinated by ice and rocks he has headed north and south, captivated by the early exploration history of these regions.


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