Date: 9th Jul 2022 - 11th Sep 2022
Time: See website for specific show times
Price: Range from Included in general admission

Plug in and power up! It’s time to blast into 2002 for an electrifying new science show. Over the past 20 years the way we use electricity has radically changed as our use of personal technology has evolved. We rely so heavily on electricity to power our lives. But what is it and how is it generated? Let’s find out together in Sparks, a brand new live science show.

In 2022 we’re celebrating 20 years of wow moments at the Science Centre. Take a trip down memory lane with us and enjoy some of our best show themes and demos from the past 20 years – all with a retro 2002 twist. Next stop – electricity.

Do you remember social media before Facebook (hands up MySpace users)? Video calling has kept businesses going and families connected over the past couple of years. And electric cars are paving the way for future travel. These innovations from the past 20 years are all powered by electricity.

It’s there at the flick of a switch. But what do we really know about electricity? Join the CEO of our noughties technology company, Sparks Innovation Corporation, as they delve into the fascinating world of electricity. Watch as static electricity and currents are brought to life through fun experiments. Discover more about how electricity is made with the atom balancer demo. And will you be able to generate your own electricity through pedal power – let’s find out!


Winchester Science Centre Telegraph Way Winchester SO21 1HZ