A cartoon by Heath Robinson

Heath Robinson at War exhibition


Date: 20th Jan 2024 - 14th Apr 2024
Time: 11am-4pm (4.30pm from 10 February)
Price: Range from Normal property admission applies

Over 50 artworks of humorous drawings from both World Wars, demonstrating Heath Robinson’s ability to counter the horrors of war with gentle satire and absurdity.

As well as original artwork, you’ll be able to hear transcripts of letters from the troops and the public thanking him for his morale-raising efforts.

Popular among civilians and soldiers alike, Heath Robinson’s war cartoons demonstrate his dry, ironic humour even in the face of national despair. In each World War, Heath Robinson proved his ability to counter, by the application of gentle satire and absurdity, both the pompous German propaganda and the fear and depression gendered by the horrors of war.

‘I believe that our sense of humour played a greater part than we were always aware of in saving us from despair during those days of trial.’ – William Heath Robinson

Demonstrating humour in the face of absurdity, this exhibition not only helps us to understand the historic role of artists in difficult times, but also represents an important part of the work of one of Britain’s finest artists, and the impact humour and creativity has on public morale during difficult times.


Mottisfont, National Trust Mottisfont Lane Nr Romsey SO51 0LP
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