Discovering the Moth's of Selborne

Gilbert White & The Oates Collections

Date: 17th Apr 2020 - 27th Sep 2020
Price: Range from £5

The Field Studies Centre at Gilbert White & The Oates Collections

Date (2020) Time Event
17th April 20:30 Discovering Moths of Selborne – Night Time Walk
23rd May 21:30 Nature Festival 24th MayDiscovering Moths of Selborne – Night Time Walk


28th June 21:30 Discovering Moths of Selborne – Night Time Walk
26th July 21:00 Discovering Moths of Selborne – Night Time Walk
27th August 20:30 Discovering Moths of Selborne – Night Time Walk
27th September 20:00 Discovering Moths of Selborne – Night Time Walk


Moths are sensitive indicators of the health of the natural environment and a vital part of the food chain; something which didn’t escape the attention of Gilbert White as early as the 18th Century.

We are continuing our monthly series of moth events again this year during the most active part of the season.  Each time you will have an opportunity to see a different variety of moths as the seasons change.

Join us through the seasons and learn a little more about the fantastic world of moths.

You are welcome to join us from around dusk to see how the moth lights are set up and experience the first visitors of the night to the lights.  Based on past experience, the June and July evenings also potentially offer the special experience of watching male Ghost Moths (Hepialus humuli) lekking (displaying) on the meadow around dusk.

As well as helping to identify any moths that are seen, the night sessions there will be an opportunity to experience other nocturnal life in the grounds especially looking out, or listening, for owls and bats.

In May, the event will coincide with the Nature Festival  providing an opportunity for Festival visitors to see some of the moths on the wing either the night before or during the Festival day.  Moth Night tickets included entry to the Nature Festival.

The August event coincides with National Moth Week 2020.  The theme for Moth Night 2020 is to be the various “Red” Underwings but there should be other moths to enjoy as well.  Entry is free although donations would be welcome.

The moths retained in the light lures will be examined in the morning and recorded on the Hampshire Biodiversity Information Centre database to support scientific research into insect ecology.  If you wish to join in and help identify and record in the morning, please let us know.

These events will include outdoor activity including a short walk in the relative dark so please come dressed appropriately for the weather and time of year with sturdy footwear and bring a torch.

A warm drink and biscuits will be available during the activities.

 £5 per session for April, June, July and September

Free Entry for event in August for National Moth Night (donations welcome)