Even more Brickosaurs have joined our herd!

May 30, 2022

Marwell Zoo’s mammoth collection of BRICKOSAURS! is about to get even bigger with the arrival of seven new additions to the herd!

Amongst the newcomers, Marwell has welcomed two Pachycephalosaurus, a Kentrosaurus, an Acanthopholis and a roar-some Ceratosaur!

We’ll also be hosting a huge Brachiosaurus who is set to tower over the zoo at around 3 metres tall – making it the tallest brick sculpture we’ve ever had at the zoo!

The final golden baby dinosaur will be making an appearance too along with a giant egg photo prop to make sure you capture your visit in prehistoric style.

There will be a chance for young palaeontologists to solve our dinosaur poo mystery by unravelling the clues to find out who left our zoo poo pile and win some great prizes.

The new sculptures arrived overnight and will stay until the end of our BRICKOSAURS! Evolution event on 4 September.

If that’s not exciting enough, the zoo is taking it up a notch for a special BRICKOSAURS! Unleashed event (18-19 June) where guests will be able to get even closer to some of our dino builds and take part in a variety of exclusive activities over the weekend.

We’ll have a life-like Triceratops and raptor roaming the park as well as our dinosaur mascots, Poppy and Spike out to meet and greet guests – so watch out!

Want to know how our BRICKOSAURS! were made? During the unleashed weekend our brick experts will be building a prehistoric armoured fish – the Dunkleosteus and guests will be able to get up close to some of the parts that make up the sculptures.

There will be plenty of photo opportunities too including a giant dinosaur egg for mini palaeontologists to explore and we’ll be opening the fences around some of our BRICKOSAURS!

Guests can also download our free app to follow the educational BRICKOSAURS! trail with fascinating dino facts and build stats at every turn.

Keep an eye on our website and social media posts for more information.