A sneak peek at Marwell Zoo’s brand new SUPERSIZED! brick creatures coming soon!

March 4, 2020

Marwell Zoo staff got a sneak peek at some of the SUPERSIZED! creatures making their way to the wildlife park this Easter.

Staff came face to face with a giant grasshopper mouse and got up close to a huge peacock spider at Bright Bricks in Bordon, where the colourful toy brick models are being made.

The specialists at Bright Bricks, part of BRICKLIVE Group, say it will take their team of professional builders more than 10,000 hours and two million bricks to create the world-first collection.

SUPERSIZED! An astonishing larger than life brick adventure will feature up to 40 models of some of the deadliest and most deceptive creatures, all magnified to an eye-popping size.

The peacock spider brick model is 208 times larger than the real creature, which is a teeny tiny 0.5 cm in actual size; smaller than a fingernail.

With only one month until launch, the brick adventure will be on display at Marwell Zoo from 4 April to 3 September 2020, starting with 30 sculptures of various sizes in 16 locations around the park, and more models arriving for May half term and the summer.

Other species on display will include a gargantuan three-metre tarantula, a towering two-metre spitting cobra, which does actually spit, and an impressive hunter, an American kestrel.

SUPERSIZED! will be included with general admission. Zoo ticket prices cost from £18 per child (3-16 years) and £22 per adult, which include an optional donation. Children aged 2 and under go free and every penny spent at Marwell helps the charity support the zoo and its conservation projects in the UK and overseas.
For information and tickets, visit www.marwell.org.uk