4 Things to do After Your Go Ape Adventure

September 20, 2015

If you’re planning a trip to Go Ape in Itchen Valley, make it a full day by choosing to do something after your Go Ape Adventure. With the money you’ll save with our 10% Go Ape discount voucher, you have no excuse not to.

There is no better way to discover Itchen Valley Country Park than high up in the treetops. With Go Ape, you can do just that. It will be an adventure you and your family will always remember, leaving you all feeling on top of the world!

Because you will all be feeling so energised after your Go Ape adventure, you will certainly be in the mood to see more of Southampton which is why we have put together 4 things you and your family can do after Go Ape.

Enjoy Itchen Valley Country Park

Even though you will have seen much of Itchen Valley Country Park during your adventure with the Go Ape discount voucher, you may also wish to trek through it on foot to get a closer look at what you seen from the treetops. There are three different trails you can take through the country park with the Play Trail being best for kids. There are some really nice spots to rest and enjoy a picnic along the trails so make sure to pack some sandwiches and favourite snacks.

Discover Southampton

If you want to head into the city after your adventure then there is plenty to discover in Southampton as it is on one of Britain’s most celebrated maritime cities. You can book in advance or on the day for one of the many boat tours, a tour of the ruined castle and even a 15th century Tudor house. The SS Shieldhall is the most popular thing to do at the docks as it will take you for a peaceful trip around the Southampton docks while commentating on the history of the docks and passing ships.

Have a Bite to Eat at Handmade Burger Co.

The Handmade Burger Co. is a place the whole family can enjoy… who doesn’t like a good burger? You will be greeted and served by the friendliest of staff, food that will leave you dreaming of it again, unlimited refill drinks and craziest range of burgers. It is open from 11am to 9pm Monday to Friday with the burger prices ranging from just under £5 to just over £12. This will be a great place to go after your Go Ape adventure as you will all be hungry for something tasty.

Southampton City Art Gallery

All big cities have their own art gallery including Southampton. After looking at the Itchen Valley Country Park in all its beauty from the treetops, you may be in the mood to look at more beautiful and interesting things, which leads us onto the Southampton City Art Gallery. It is open from 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and is free to enter for all.


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